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Imagine getting the exact vehicle you want without the typical work and hassle of car shopping. Not only that but imagine saving money at the same time. Hiring a…

What Makes an Auto Broker so Effective?

Calgary Car Brokers uses a network of dealerships across Canada as their source of inventory. This means way more selection than any single dealership can offer…

Common Questions

It is all too hard to find these days, particularly in automotive sales. Trust us, we know first hand the intentions of radio ads, “sales events” and even the dynamic…


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Want your Next Vehicle Purchase to be Completely Taken care of No Hassle, No Haggle?




Save your Sanity, Save your Money shopping for your next car!

Save your Sanity and Save your Money, Calgary car Brokers Serving Calgary, Edmonton and wherever car deals can be found!

Legends Automotive goal is to make your next Auto purchase as easy as and secure as possible. We not only save our customers the
time and hassle of vehicle sourcing and negotiation, our brokering services offer our customers the lowest prices available on any
make or model. Using a professional licensed auto broker is the best way to purchase any vehicle. New cars, used cars, trucks or SUVs we can help!

Deal Break Down Example

                                      Dealer’s Offer                        Broker Pricing

MSRP                                    $52,410.00                                                         $52,410.00
Discount                                         $0.00                                                         -$3,872.00
Block Heater                            $260.00                                                              $260.00
Taxes & Levies                          $126.00                                                              $126.00
Admin Fee                                  $599.00                                                                 $0.00
Broker Fee                                      $0.00                                                            $500.00
Subtotal                                $53,395.00                                                        $49,424.00
GST                                           $2,669.75                                                            $2,471.20
Total                                       $56,064.75                                                         $51,895.20


NET SAVINGS        $4,169.55

A True, Professional Auto Brokerage!

Legends Automotive does not sell Vehicles, we Help you buy them
True Wholesale Pricing…True Auto Brokers


We lay everything out, take into account all costs and save you thousands.The Above deal break down is what you we do on every single vehicle purchase. Not only do we lay out the numbers with Pre-Owned vehicles we provide you with a market report showing the selling price of similar vehicles to show you how we are stacking up.


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Legends Automotive is your Professional Auto Broker plain and simple…


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